How does Thetahealing® work?

Thetahealing® is based on the use of Theta brainwave. There are  5 different frequencies of brainwave: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma. 

Beta is an active and alert state (14-28 cycles per second). 

Alpha is a bridge between Beta and Theta. It's a relaxed, meditative state with frequency of 7-14 cycles per second. 

The Delta brainwave happens during a deep sleep and is between 0-4 cycles per second.

The Gamma brainwave is the state where we process information and ranges between 40 and 5,000 cycles per second. 

Scientists have discovered that certain brain frequencies (particularly in the Alpha, Theta and Theta- Gamma states) have been found to:

  • Alleviate stress and reduce anxiety
  • Increase verbal ability
  • Synchronize both hemispheres of the brain
  • Invoke imaginative creative thinking
  • Reduce pain and stimulate endorphin release.

Theta state is a state of very deep relaxation used for hypnosis and dreaming. It governs subconscious part of our mind that holds memories, sensations, attitudes, beliefs and behaviour. 

When a Thetahealing® practitioner is performing a session the electroencephalograph will show that the brainwaves shifts into pure Theta state.

As a practitioner I was trained to hold the Theta state for myself and the client during the session which allows profound healing changes to happen.

The electrical energy of the brainwaves has a direct connection with what is traditionally called “psychic senses”. 

Psychic senses such as Empathy, Clairvoyance, Clair-audience and are inherently active in many people and yet in others are asleep, waiting to reawaken. Many people have these intuitive senses buried under layers of belief systems.

When people desire the lifestyle change, physical, mental and emotional healing the first thing that need to change is the thinking. 

Healing happens as a result of getting rid of negative beliefs and programs, mostly subconscious.  It is estimated that only 12% of our mind is conscious and remaining programs could be stored on either ancestral, soul or historical levels of consciousness. Thetahealing® allows to access those hidden beliefs and programs through going into deep meditative state and replacing them with the positive versions through the creator of all that is.

The Thetahealing® practitioner uses psychic senses to understand what’s causing a certain issue that client is willing to work on. There is no judgement, just understanding of cause and effect. Most of people are result of their environment conditioning, they carry beliefs they may have received from a family (ancestral), schools, friends, collective consciousness. 

For us to change the “story”, we often have to change the beliefs, the feelings we carry. To be downloaded to how to live without depression for example, a person needs to re-create the connections in the brain. The neurons in the brain have receptors for emotions and sometimes that get “stuck” on certain emotion and need a stimuli to change to a positive emotion or program. Thetahealing® creates that stimuli through commanding and witnessing the healing through the Creator of all that is.  

The profound healing and lifestyle changes are possible through Thetahealing®.

Adopted from the book “Thetahealing” by Vianna Stibal.


Soul journeys

Soul stories


What are the benefits of Thetahealing®? Everything people learn in this life is processed through their conscious mind, or at least so it seems. Of course, most of people know that subconscious beliefs are really running the show, but it’s just a theory.

When someone tells me about their struggles and I see a repetitive pattern that goes on playing through different circumstances, different societal and family roles and I tell them about the pattern, they might refuse to see that. It’s easier to see yourself as a victim rather than taking responsibility of many deep layers of consciousness.

The truth is we create everything that happens in our life! Everything! Unless someone has been studying the law of attraction or practicing some type of healing arts, yoga or holistic modality, they might be reluctant to believe that they have created violence, or situations where other people are taking advantage of them, or betrayal. 

Why would they create something they don’t want? Why would a soul create that?

Why? I asked that question myself many times and certainly was reluctant to acknowledge the truth until I clearly saw it. Why do we create soul contracts, vows that go on and affect many lifetimes?

As example, someone vowed to always protect their family member and they come back together in other lifetime and the person that was promised to be protected looses their power to protect themselves due to a vow. And consequently manifests sickness that disables them so the other person can do what they promised “always take care of them”. So something that started as noble, positive idea created problems later.

Or when someone took a vow of chastity many lifetimes ago when they were a monk and the vow is still affecting them now to the point that they can’t create a happy relationship with the partner.

Soul contracts are also very different because they are created by the soul, not the conscious mind, in a desire to learn a virtue often through experiencing hardships.

Soul level of consciousness in one of the 4 levels addressed when changing beliefs in Thetahealing®. Example of beliefs could be “I don’t deserve.... (fill in the blank). “I am not enough”, “I have to fight evil/people/my right to liv/God/opposite sex/family member”.

Other levels of consciousness addressed in Thetahealing®  include: core (subconscious beliefs formed in this lifetime), ancestral (deep genetic programs), history (collective consciousness).

A negative belief can be rooted in one or many of these levels and muscle testing is used to identify and change the belief on the appropriate level(s).

So, in a sense even though we are creating life based on the subconscious beliefs, there are deep levels that weren’t created here and some weren’t even created by us (such as history and ancestral). And while we can’t always change the beliefs just by our Will, Thetahealing® comes in as an excellent tool to assist us. Desiring a change and taking action, seeking support of a Thetahealing® practitioner is what people CAN do when things seem to be out of their control and they’ve tried other things without success.