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 "Anastasia has something quite special. Even when she learns a new healing modality, she is such an amazing channel of bringing through literally PRISTINE ENERGY, that is quite a profound healing. She is a master at clearing the junk off. Every light worker needs her support. Even if you already know a lot to clear your own field, you need the support of this top notch healer. Anastasia is quintessential Healer of Healers. One of the best healing sessions I have ever had and I have been in the healing world for 36 years."

Patti Bee, M.S., Founder of the Madison Psychic Institute & Professional Psychic - 25 years. 

"I was very satisfied with my remote Cosmoenergy session with Anastasia. Even though I was distracted a few times during the session, I still felt her presence and the energy working through me. Had some nice energy openings here and there. At the end of the session I got into very peaceful meditative state, it felt really good. I appreciate the feedback that I got from Anastasia after the session, and her highlights and what she saw and brought some clarity to my own process of healing.

Since that session I notice that I communicate more easily with others. I had a situation where I normally shot down and don't speak at all burying resentment, but this time I noticed I just easily said "We got to talk about it", which is not normal for me, I usually avoid any talking. So, it's moments like this one that I feel the working of the sessions.

I felt more at ease and brighter and peaceful and serene, all my energy lifted up. I can describe it as if you are taking an energetic shower, and it just feels great. I am looking forward to more "cosmic showers" like this with Anastasia, it feels like a good thing to do regularly... Thank you Anastasia!"

 Guina, Massage Therapy and Tantra practitioner. Edmonton 

 "Anastasia offers an incredibly miraculous service: the ability to heal one's relationship to their past by releasing old belief patterns we have within us. Sometimes under layers upon layers of subconscious programming. Ever since I have have done some sessions with her, I have felt happier, more motivated, content, and inspired to live my life to my fullest. It's incredible how releasing a few block could move me forward so much in life. Pristine Energy has been one of the biggest blessings in my life and I'm so thankful I have had the opportunity to do the work with Anastasia.
Growth is the most important work we can do in our life and Anastasia makes that so possible and available. I'm so grateful. Thank you so much!"

Justin Fuss, Electrician. Edmonton

"I really enjoyed my Theta Healing session with Anastasia Light. I didn't really know what to expect. Anastasia explained things in a way I could understand and took the time to talk to me before we started. I was pleasantly surprised how much better I felt at the end of the session. Now that several weeks have gone by, I can still feel the weight that was lifted during the Theta Healing. Thank you Anastasia! I am really looking forward to my next session!"

Shannon Robinson, Social Media and Web marketing. Edmonton

"My theta healing session with Anastasia was something that I signed up for having absolutely no idea what to expect. I was invited to get comfortable in the chair she provided for me. I was guided through what I felt like was a bit of a chakra grounding exercise and then in a very relaxed “theta” state. I was then asked a series of questions and then based on my answers we worked through all sorts of energy blockages in my chakras.

She explained how there was a disconnect with my crown chakra and that it was related to my understanding of God, Creator or Universe. In doing so, we released all previous notions and ideas related to “God” from my Roman Catholic upbringing, so that i could let Creators unconditional love into my being.

We also released some very old grief that was still lingering in my chest/heart area. This was quite significant and perhaps my biggest learning, or take away, from the session as it was then that I learned how this is in fact also where the inner child lies within the body. Oddly enough that is exactly where my cancer has metastasized in side the entrance to the lungs. I found this quite interesting, as I have been staying lately that all this emotional work I have been doing around my inner child is the key to my healing, and how I have learned that the inner child does in fact lie in the entrance to the lungs."

Crystal Birch, Teacher

"I think I would have had a surgery by now if it wasn't for Anastasia's help. The Cosmoenergy session started a new phase in my life, phase where I fully accept myself, my desires, my differences and work on unfolding emotional knots, healing the emotional scars. Prior to Thetahealing and Cosmoenergy sessions I was diagnosed with multiple female organ problems, muscular tumor, endometriosis and ovarian cyst. I know this health problems are caused by emotional blockages that cause hormonal unbalance and effect physical health.
After the Cosmic Energy session with Anastasia I was able to process some old traumatic experiences, journal and felt much better the next day. I also noticed that the next time I had a really stressful situation happen in my life, I didn't harbor the painful feelings, but took a few minutes to cry and release and not store the pain in the body. I am feeling amazing now. I am grateful to Anastasia for help in clearing my inner energy, healing old traumas and excited about my next Thetahealing session. " 

Olga Schmidt, Community worker

Discover the possibilities with Thetahealing®

Discover the possibilities with Thetahealing®